About Us

And so it goes is a creative collaboration between designers Georgia Tribuiani and Clarice Chin. The two friends sought to create a platform where they are able to explore freely, under no restrictions. The partnership was founded on the principles of promoting local artisanship and pursuing environmentally sustainable practices. They are inspired by art, culture and tradition. 

And so it goes’ first product release is the redesign of the traditional net bag, where they have paid homage to their inspirations by putting a modern twist on a classic fashion utility. Made of natural cotton cord and soft leather handles, the net bags are designed to be lightweight, versatile, and portable for a modern on-the-go lifestyle, without sacrificing comfort and durability. The bags can easily be rolled up and put into a pocket or purse, or carried inside the accompanying cotton dust bag. Ideal for a shopping trip, they are a perfect alternative to wasteful packaging.

All pieces are one of a kind, handcrafted knot by knot.

Their sustainable philosophy is also expressed in action. With hopes to contribute to the elimination of plastic bags altogether, a percentage of all proceeds benefit The Clean Ocean Project, dedicated to the clean-up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


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